Principle and Features of CCHP
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Principle and Features of CCHP

Principle of CCHP

Gas-steam combined cycle unit consists of a gas turbine and generator, a heat recovery steam generator, a steam turbine and a power generator. Natural gas goes from regulator station into gas turbine to the combust and then generates power. The hot flue gas emitted goes into heat recovery steam generator and heats the city recycled water already treated by the water plant. The superheated steam generated goes into the steam turbine and generates power. The steam which has done work goes to heat exchange station to heat the water, and provides heat to the surrounding areas. The power generated is transmitted to State Grid through 220KV transmission line.

Features of CCHP

Gas-steam combined cycle unit makes use of the gas turbine exhaust and remarkably saves resources while the adoption of the latest low-nitrogen combustion technology of Siemens AG makes the oxynitride emission significantly lower, which epitomizes its advantage of energy conservation and emission reduction. The project optimizes energy consumption structure and plays an important role in building an eco-friendly society.

Meanwhile, gas-steam combined cycle unit features high power, high efficiency, quick start-up and quick loading, which is critical in the power grid peak load regulation and emergency. The black-start system of CCHP power plant is considered to be the main stay of the power gird security.

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