5S concept training Promote safety and quality-Ningxia East thermal 5S practice training

5S concept training Promote safety and quality-Ningxia East thermal 5S practice training

To strengthen the 5S concept,improve the mental outlook of employees,enhance the image of enterprises, improve work efficiency and ensure safety. From September 15th  to 16th , 2018, Ningxia East Thermal Power Co., Ltd. organized “5S Practical Training” in the training room of the third floor of the administrative building. All the employees of East Thermal Power Co., Ltd. participated in the training.

Taking a photo

On September 15th , Lecturer Wang Dawei, Chief Advisor of Huizhi Management Consulting, focused on the importance of implementing 5S management in enterprises. He gave a brilliant and vivid explanation through several modules, such as core ideas, key points, practical methods and management system establishment. Each group from the 5S management elements of collation, reorganization, cleaning, cleaning, literacy and combined with plant collection of sample cases, analysis and elaboration. In the actual battle, through joint discussion, discovery of problems, measures and summary of experience, the 5S management concept will be thoroughly understood, better stimulate the whole staff work, learning enthusiasm and teamwork ability.

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On September 16th, Ms. Liang Wei, the general manager of the company, and Mr. Wang Dawei led the leaders of various departments and related personnel to go to more than ten areas, such as production, maintenance, warehouse, office, etc., for on-site 5S standard guidance. It is required to draw up feasible plans and measures in accordance with the actual situation of the enterprise and gradually implement them to realize standardized, visualized and scientific management of the plant.

On site guidance

Liang Wei, general manager of the company, stressed that the whole staff should unify their thoughts and have a deep understanding of the 5S management concept and essence. Long-term adherence, steady and steady, do a good job of fine enterprise management, people, things, places in time and space to optimize the combination of production efficiency, reduce process costs, safe and civilized production purposes.

Annual maintenance start, safe operation conduct