Construct in the snow to ensure the schedule,Cooperate among the team to compose an ode

Construct in the snow to ensure the schedule,Cooperate among the team to compose an ode

On March 25, affected by severe cold air, Ningxia regional temperature sudden drop with falling snowflakes. While on the Pingluo construction site of the national gas critical projects – Hanas natural gas pipeline tie line project from Hangjinqi to Yinchuan, the project construction team still ensure rush progress in the snow, and against the cold weather to construct, so as strive to achieve the goal of operating on all fronts at the end of this year.

The key project of the 13th Five-Year Plan for the National Natural Gas Development and the 13th Five-Year Plan of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region – Natural Gas Pipeline Linkage Project from Hangjinqi to Yinchuan is installed by Hanas company, which is the key project of the autonomous region in 2017, and will be Ningxia’s second natural gas security source of human being. So that it can benefit to the people and the people’s livelihood.

In order to ensure that the project will be complete on schedule, the project construction team will strengthen the organization and leadership, set project schedule in reversed order, and prepare the project node plan carefully; the participating units will organize scientifically and construct reasonably, and strictly implement the rules and regulations, clear responsibility and ensure the responsibility to each person.

The project team keeps the sense of urgency of too urgent to wait, to slow down or to sluggish, the strong quality of grabbing the sunny days, against to the rain days and snow days, the spirit of “unity and cooperation, hard struggle” to work steady and efficiency, so as to have succeeded in carrying out an assignment of finishing the task on schedule to meet the quality and quantity. They have made an important contribution on protect people’s livelihood.

On the construction day, the outdoor temperature has dropped to zero, the workers were work on the snow, and  gloves of them have quickly soaked. It looks as if their hands are soaked in ice water, even though, no one complain of the suffering or give up, instead to work orderly. After nearly 4 hours’ continuous operation by the construction staffs, the scene material handling was completed successfully.

The same day, the Inner Mongolia team is also explored in the snow.


On April 28th, Ningxia Eastern Thermal Power Co., Ltd. and Ningxia Branch of Jianxin Property Insurance Co., Ltd....