East Plant Summer Outage

East Plant Summer Outage

To ensure the smooth completion of the summer outage work, the East Plant heads supervised the outage progress on site, strictly required in quality control, regular coordination meeting, resource implement and task schedule. The maintenance department and the outsourcing subcontractors strictly abide by the contents of the technical requirements while strictly adhering to the maintenance technical specifications.

All divisions must ensure maintenance items all included and finish with standards. The completed outage items are: Air intake system, the condensate system, HRSG and relevant equipment, high and low voltage switchgear, the main transformer of the GIS switch equipment, instrument calibration, the TCS and DCS of GT and ST. Up to now, the completion rate of Unit 1 has reached 40%. The completion rate of Unit 2 and Common system has reached 85%.

Summer outage coordination meeting

Ball cleaning system inspection

Close cooling heat exchanger

Close cooling heat exchanger

Natural Gas flowmeter inspection

Condensate ball collection check

6KV switch panel test

Natural Gas separator cleaning

On October 13, 2020, at the heating work conference held in Yinchuan City, Ningxia, it was learned that...