Internal Promotion Cultivate and Open Up the Promotion for Employees!

Internal Promotion Cultivate and Open Up the Promotion for Employees!

In order to encourage the rational flow and effective allocation of candidates within the company, an incentive mechanism of equal competition to meet the needs of the rapid development of the company. At the same time, it is conducive to the personal growth of employees and give full play to the enthusiasm and initiative of employees. East Plant will conduct open competition within the company to select the Manager of Operation Department.

On July 14 and 20, after recommendation and qualification examination, five candidates participated in professional written examination, competitive speech and interview and defense respectively, and tested their professional knowledge, management skills and comprehensive quality. Finally, the company’s competitive employment leading group evaluated He Jiao as the manager of the Operation Department.

Internal competitive recruitment is an important measure for East Plant to practice the construction and promotion channel for employees. It is also an excellent opportunity for employees to review themselves, so that employees can understand the gap between their current situation and the positions they are competing for, clarify the direction of learning and improvement in the future, and better plan their personal career. At the same time, some new ideas and measures put forward by the candidates have promoted the scientific and democratic development decision-making of the company to a certain extent.


Internal competition is the organizational construction for East Plant to continuously improve and optimize the post structure, cultivate excellent management team and promote the sustainable and healthy development of the enterprise. The competition adheres to the principle of “open competition, equal competition, merit selection and scientific assessment”, comprehensively assesses the comprehensive ability of the candidates, and enhances the sense of urgency and mission of the employees. Establish a benign operation mechanism of “goal depends on Incentive and post depends on competition”, make the internal organization of the enterprise full of vitality and vitality, and open a new chapter of high-quality development of the company.

Competition is an opportunity for self-examination, and more challenge, the more brave.

Competition is a kind of spirit, always enterprising and achieving success.

People, born ordinary, only struggle and persistence can be better.

On April 2nd, the 19th International Liquefied Natural Gas Seminar (LNG2019) opened in Shanghai.