Let’s Win This Epidemic War together!

Let’s Win This Epidemic War together!

Holding fast is a kind of responsibility

No silence, no loneliness

Because there

Always accompanied by the eastern thermoelectric family

Guarantee power supply and make contribution to epidemic prevention

The hourglass of time will drain those moments



01 Strict Access

If you return to work, please pay attention to the following.

The high-risk areas in the Office

The air is not circulating and the personnel density is large,

People travel frequently,

They are all high-risk areas.


According to the degree of danger:

  1. Elevator
  2. Dining hall / Restaurant
  3. Office


02 High Risk Area

Most dangerous: Elevator

The elevator is a place where the air is extremely stagnant,

Only a certain concentration of alcohol can dissolve the outer membrane of coronavirus, but alcohol is extremely volatile,

And the danger in the elevator lobby is invisible.


  1. Wear masks when taking the elevator;
  2. Walking ladder is recommended for low floors;
  3. Units with conditions must frequently disinfect the elevator lobby, especially the button area.


Sub High Risk Area: canteen / Restaurant

An area full of people waiting in line for a meal or meal,

The area with the largest human flow and the highest density,

Be sure to wear masks to reduce chatting and contact.


  1. Take off the mask at the last moment of sitting down and eating;
  2. Avoid eating and speaking face to face;
  3. Avoid eating in groups and dense staff;
  4. The restaurant is sterilized every day.


Risk Area: Office

Where there are many people, the risk of infection is very high.


  1. The office must wear masks;
  2. Keep more than 1 meter away from the conversation (wear a mask);
  3. Hand wash before and after transferring paper documents;
  4. Wear masks when passing documents around;
  5. Reduce centralized meeting and disinfect after meeting;
  6. Keep good ventilation for 20-30 minutes each time;
  7. Carry out necessary alcohol disinfection for door handle, keyboard and mouse, stationery, desktop, etc.


03 Scientific Protection

1、 Wear masks wear masks wear masks

Ordinary surgical mask, it can’t stop the entry of coronavirus, because its particles are very small. But wearing a mask is useful, because the mask is to prevent the spread of droplets, and the coronavirus is mainly attached to the droplets, it will not fly around by itself. These measures are appropriate.

2.Wash hands frequently

1). Wash hands at the first time when arriving at the unit;

2). Wash hands before eating;

3). Those who have been to the elevator lobby or the high-risk area of the dining hall shall come back to wash their hands;

4). Wash hands immediately when you come back from going out;

5). Wash your hands before touching your face, especially your nostrils and eyes.

3、 Scientific alcohol disinfection

1). it is meaningless to sprinkle on your body like perfume.

2). The key is to disinfect the parts and objects that our hands will touch;

3). For example, mobile phone, door handle, elevator button, mouse and keyboard, bicycle handle, work permit, stationery, chair, etc., you can carry out screening and key disinfection according to your actual environment;

4). Alcohol should be sprayed to cover the object, and it can be dried naturally without wiping.

Please combine with other authoritative science popularization publicity to protect yourself and others!

Zhong Nanshan said in an interview: the epidemic should peak in a week or ten days. The infection characteristics of the new coronavirus are different from that of SARS. The virulence of virus variation increased significantly. Most of the disease is still typical of fever and fatigue, some of them have dry cough, a few have runny nose, a few have gastrointestinal symptoms, and some have myocardial, digestive and nervous system problems.

In addition, he stressed: we should try to reduce travel. Fever is still a typical symptom of new coronavirus infection. There is a incubation period. We are making a more accurate assessment of the incubation period. It may be 3 to 7 days, generally no more than 14 days.

Xingqing District Standing Committee and Organizational Minister, Luo Yueqiang, visited the East Plant to consolation the production workers.