Ordinary Post Exhibits Style–Theme Speech on “Focusing on the Job, Love the Job and Dedicate to Work”

Ordinary Post Exhibits Style–Theme Speech on “Focusing on the Job, Love the Job and Dedicate to Work”

In the afternoon of May 31st, at the training center of Ningxia East Thermal Power Co., Ltd., 12 contestants from different departments and positions showed the style of the speaker through various forms, and at the same time explained the sincere connotation of “standing on one’s own duty, loving one’s post and devoting oneself to one’s work” in the plain language.

Talk about our own things around, teamwork…” In every word, deed and case, the pursuit and perseverance of love and dedication among oneself, others and the team are fully embodied. Some describe their responsibilities and responsibilities, sprinkle the sweat of youth in every corner of the production site; some seemingly ordinary and solidified work, not afraid of hardship and tiredness, quietly do little things; some carefully record the advanced and typical stories around them, learning to inherit the spirit of craftsmen; some praise the team’s firm belief in constant struggle and courage; Others discuss that the meaning of work-based learning is closely related to the value of life. The scene presents a warm atmosphere, passionate and moving scene one after another, and the staff are deeply encouraged.

Drug addition in water treatment with slight corrosiveness/toxicity

Continuous cleaning of compressor blades in confined space

Bottom cleaning of filter

24-hour follow-up to parameter changes to ensure safe operation of power plants

Every night in the stillness of the night, a team will leave the factory and go home after the safe handover.

It takes more than one hour to bend down to work in a humid, hot and pungent space.

Be unknown, conscientious, mindless, record moments

High noise environment, more than 40 hours of uninterrupted rush repair, to overcome major problems

Inspection and maintenance of dirt and scaling of nearly 10,000 cooling pipes in the humid and hot condenser water chamber one by one.

Accurate detection of every inch of space in the exhaust wide-spread section of the gas turbine, without any slight cracks.

Take every minute to improve yourself and learn English by yourself on the way to commute

Love position is an ordinary keeping and dedication, dedication is the transformation and renewal of ideas, the combination of the two is the pursuit and Realization of dreams. Eastern thermoelectric people firmly do not forget their original intention of dedication and diligence in ordinary positions, breathe and share their destiny with enterprises, constantly tap their potential, create as little as possible, and practice their work as a mission, so that Love Position is dedicated to carrying their dreams, and contribute their strength to the development of the company with practical actions.

Hanas Power Generation Group held diesel power generator emergency drill.