Persistence Against the “Epidemic”

Persistence Against the “Epidemic”

A sudden outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia has spread all over the country in sudden. In such a severe situation, we always stick to our jobs and fight in the front line of production prevention and control. The epidemic is an order, and the responsibility is heavier.

In order to ensure the urban electricity and heating supply during the epidemic, as a member of the chemical water team, I couldn’t make it back in time due to visiting relatives in other provinces during the Spring Festival, which was extremely hard for other members of the chemical team. The workload had more than doubled. Each day, they had to prepare a large number of demineralized water, monitor the water vapor quality of the unit, configured the dozing chemicals for the boiler, and controlled the quality of circulating cooling water In addition, adjusted and controlled the inspection of the drainage system and all corresponding equipment. My heart was also torn with anxiety.

Because of the need of epidemic prevention and control, it had increased the difficulty and intensity of work. At the same time of fighting against the epidemic, they did not step back, and they had been sticking to their posts, inspired by the sense of mission and social responsibility! Although they were not medical staff, and not in the front line saving lives, but in order to protect the lights of every family and the basic people’s livelihood, they performed different contributions and responsibilities with the same courage. They were the guardians of ordinary posts. In the “epidemic” of this war, they stood fast to their posts bravely.

I believe that no winter is insurmountable and no spring will not come. We can overcome the difficulties and make continuous efforts to protect the stable operation of the unit with our own strength. I firmly believe that the “epidemic” will drift away and the country will be safe!

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