Review the knowledge, and change for thrive!

Review the knowledge, and change for thrive!

Learn from the past and learn from the new, constantly acquire new understanding, strive to acquire new knowledge, and help young employees develop rapidly. Eastern thermal power has been committed to improve the skills training and quality of young employees through the perfect enterprise training management system, and strive to build a new pattern of learning enterprises.

Recently, the eastern thermal power company has carried out a series of business skills improvement training among the operating personnel through the mode of tutor guidance, collective teaching and on-site operation, aiming at strengthening the technical points and standardizing the operation essentials, so as to ensure the safe and economic operation of the equipment.

Training form: organize the backbone of the Department as lecturer, collective teaching, technical Q & A, accident anticipation, on-site operation, autonomous learning, etc.
Training cycle: August 3-27, 84 class hours.
Training topics: power plant public part, gas turbine part, steam turbine boiler and electrical part, etc.


We should vigorously train all-round duty personnel to improve the overall operation and control ability. We have given full play to the young people’s strong learning ability and energy, consolidated and studied the professional knowledge of gas turbine, electrical and boiler, and strived to achieve “one fine and two links”, and implemented and improved the training effect in various ways.


Through the way of “speaking, asking, answering, acting and learning”, the post staff can truly grow up in learning and experience in practice, turn the workplace into a training classroom, make learning a habit, and constantly promote the new stage of working learning and learning normalization.


Training is the biggest welfare and opportunity for employees. Regular “charging” and fully tapping internal potential can not only improve their comprehensive quality, but also promote the long-term development of enterprises and enhance their core competitiveness.

In order to further improve the actual combat effectiveness of social firefighting rescue, strengthen the inspection and guidance...