Staff Keeps on Working during Dragon Boat Festival

Staff Keeps on Working during Dragon Boat Festival

During Dragon Boat Festival, most of the busy people are spending their holiday in relax, either sitting around the dinning table for cuisine or exploring new destinations with backpacks on. Meanwhile in the East Thermal Power Plant, all the people are still working for the annual periodical maintenance(minor inspection).

As part of the strategy to keep the maintenance job continuous and ensure the unit maintenance finish in time for standby, all the staff shows the fighting spirit to work from dawn to dusk in the summer heat against fatigue. They gave up the opportunity to spend the holiday with their family. Up to now, many work items have been completed including the high press feedwater pump repair, close type pump maintenance, battery charging testing, main transformer sampling device check, unit fault recorder check, DCS and TCS sytem data backup, etc.

The maintenance team focuses on safety, preparation, organization and efficiency. They have strict control of the quality and work process. All the duties have been assigned to the specific person and all the safety measures have been taken into consideration. The time limit is closely monitored and the job is performed with meticulousness. It epitomizes the work spirit of Hanas staff.

The plant management specifically arranged well prepared meal with Zongzi for all the staff so that they could feel the holiday atmosphere during the intensive work.


On the afternoon of August 8, the East Thermal Power opened the prelude of “challenging gravity and exploding...