The Competition of Post Training Skills Competition successfully concluded

The Competition of Post Training Skills Competition successfully concluded

Science is paramount and development is strong.Competition in the arena reaches its peak.

Concentrate on production and make contributions based on position.

Competition, quartet,

The test of actual combat ability and the contest of psychological quality.

In order to deepen the quality improvement of the whole staff, continuously promote the construction of high-quality and high-skilled personnel, and create a strong atmosphere of “post learning, post training, post innovation, post effectiveness, post success”. Ningxia East Thermal Power Co., Ltd. continued to carry out the staff skills practice competition at the end of July.

Faced with highly skilled opponents, the contestants are full of spirit, and have come up with “housekeeping skills” to achieve better results than the level.

Positive Pressure Respirator Competition

In the competition of “Positive Pressure Respiratory Device Used” for safety major, simulated the actual fire environment, under the condition of intact inspection equipment mask seal, tight connection of accessories, pressure gauge and harmful gas detection device, the contestant Geng Siwen’s emergency handling ability is rapid and takes 32 seconds to show his standard of action, skilled technique and wearing. The excellent process of wearing compact and orderly steps and using equipment accurately breaks the conventional training effect.

6KV Medium Voltage Switch Fault Detection Competition

In the 6KV Medium Voltage Switch Fault Detection Competition of Electrical Specialty, three random faults are preset for each competitor by simulating the electrical equipment in operation at the scene. Through rapid analysis and comparison of schematic diagrams, observation of electrification, measurement and judgment of instruments, the fault points can be quickly found, and all the fault points can be quickly repaired, installed, protected, fixed value modified and electrified according to strict operation specifications. All the investigation steps are accurate and correct, the operation is careful and cautious, and the competitor Baolong is the final one. Winning the match in 20 minutes and 19 seconds is better than the time stipulated in the competition system (30 minutes).

Pressure Transmitter Verification Complete Operating Process Competition

In the competition of Pressure Transmitter Checking Complete Operating Process for Instrument and Control Specialty, as an important precision measuring instrument for units, the calibration standard of pressure transmitter is extremely strict, and the requirements for standardized operation of personnel are extremely high. It is necessary to select the standard calibration device and equipment accurately according to the type of pressure transmitter on site and the five preset checkpoints. With his familiarity with the equipment and operation rules, Xu Jun eventually won the contest with excellent comprehensive scores such as accurate calibration of measuring points, fast detection requirements, accurate signal transmission measurement, conformance to measurement standards, complete record specifications and so on.

In the competition of “Valve Maintenance” for locomotive engineering specialty, the most frequently encountered valve disassembly and assembly in routine maintenance is preset as the inspection point. Competitors Yang Ruijie and Qi Xiongwei are familiar with the internal structure principle of various valves, and ultimately achieve clear and skilled disintegration steps, neat and orderly parts classification, meticulous inspection and maintenance, flexible valve rotation after back-loading, no sticking of the door pole, even door cover clearance and other indicators.

Through the comprehensive investigation of theory and practice, it not only reflects the solid technical level of competitors, but also reflects the good professional quality formed by long-term work accumulation. At the same time, it also creates opportunities for employees to learn from each other, to analyze inadequately, to find gaps, and to communicate and progress. Employees have expressed that they will continue to move forward with a positive attitude of “endless learning”. The company will also continue to stimulate the enthusiasm of all staff to learn technology, practice skills and drill business, actively carry out job skills competition activities, tap technical personnel, train job elites, and jointly promote the safe, stable and efficient development of the company.

The annual “safety production month” has come to an end. For all employees, every month is a “safety...