To Ensure Heating and People’s Livelihood, We Are not Just “Up to Standard”!

To Ensure Heating and People’s Livelihood, We Are not Just “Up to Standard”!

On October 13, 2020, at the heating work conference held in Yinchuan City, Ningxia, it was learned that the room temperature heating standard of residential buildings in this winter was increased from 18 ℃ to 20 ℃.

Recently, the night temperature in some areas of Ningxia dropped to minus 26 degrees. This “King blast” cold wave has fully tested the long-term mechanism of safe, stable and high-quality heating of thermal power in east Hanas.

East plant has been providing a full range of clean and efficient energy services for major large-scale commercial complexes and high-end residential communities in the northeast of Yinchuan city for many years. It has become the backbone heat source of the city and has helped economic and social development. In the past seven years since putting into operation, heating has been continuously stable, clean and efficient, and the service is of high quality. There has never been a heating safety accident. The average indoor temperature of users is above 22 degrees Celsius, and the overall compliance rate is 98%. They have gained smiles wrapped in warmth in cold winter days.

Attach great importance to

In order to achieve clean heating and high-quality service, the unified deployment of “giving full play to the advantages of cogeneration and ensuring urban winter heating” of Hanas group is implemented. Set up a guarantee supply leading group, with the general manager as the group leader and the managers of each department as the group members, to incorporate the guarantee supply related work into the daily production meeting, weekly production coordination meeting and monthly safety meeting, to make special arrangements and inspect the implementation; promote the rapid start, reliable implementation and closed-loop implementation of relevant work with the key tasks of the plant level.

Positive action

In order to ensure the smooth and healthy operation of heating related equipment. Before heating, the preventive maintenance of all heating systems and equipment was carried out in strict accordance with the annual maintenance plan, and the factory level quality acceptance was carried out according to the three-level acceptance standard, all of which were qualified; after heating, the unit and heating equipment were regularly inspected, measured and maintained according to the operation and maintenance regulations, so as to ensure the operation in the best working condition; after cold wave weather, the unit was started Special measures should be taken to improve the frequency of equipment inspection and maintenance, and “special care” should be given to key equipment such as steam extraction pipeline and heat exchanger.

Take precautions

Strengthen the spare parts reserve, personnel preparation and emergency drill and other support work. The emergency spare parts of the heating equipment were checked and supplemented, and the standby equipment was put into trial operation and trial run regularly to ensure that the equipment can be quickly switched and repaired under extreme conditions; the operation personnel on duty carried out 24-hour on-site monitoring and inspection of the heating equipment on holidays, so as to ensure that the defects and abnormalities of the heating equipment can be found in time and handled immediately; the “natural gas leakage” and “emergency repair” activities were carried out “Water supply pipeline leakage” no plan emergency response drill, simulate the real situation test, improve personnel response, accident disposal and rapid recovery ability.

As an enterprise of people’s livelihood, Hanas East plant always adheres to the call of the government, does not forget the responsibility of heating, and actively gives back to the society. It has made a positive contribution to improving the urban air environment quality and optimizing the heating level of Yinchuan city.

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