Wish the country is prosperous and  sound

 Wish the country is prosperous and  sound


Today is the Lantern Festival. The year start from the return of spring, plants and trees sprout, green mountains are expected. Wish the country is prosperous and sound. Thinking together is reunion. To have a warm and lasting reunion, let’s cheer up for each other.

Hanas power generation group is caring the country and the people, caring the companies and Employees. We share our destiny with the country. Every employee’s persistence and dedication are protection for enterprise and families! We work together to pass the positive energy to everyone and send the best wishes to the country and the people!

The sky is full and the world is bright,

May the country is prosperous and sound,

I wish all of you stick to family reunion.

May peace be with all dedication!

On May 22nd and 29th, the East Thermal Power Company carried out the training for all employees and...