Work Intensively to Provide with Centralized Heating

Work Intensively to Provide with Centralized Heating

From the mid October, Ningxia East Thermal Power Plant operation department has been working hard for the preparation of centralized heating to ensure the job perfomance in winter. The staff made elaborate plan and finished some critical tasks for heating such as heating network system valve testing, system water injection, motor insulation measurement, heating network rotation equipment testing, etc.

Since the formal operation of the cetralized heating network steam extraction system, operation department staff has taken routing inspection more intensively so that any leak could be found in time, all the rotation equipments could be running more smoothly and the heating network data could be tracked more precisely. They’ve been working closely with maintenance department to trouble shoot heating network system operation flaw and eliminate the system hidden danger. At the same time, the frequency of water testing has been incresed and the heating network drainage water could be recycled for use in time.

At the very beginning of heat supply operation, the end users were not consuming heat at a stable basis, which lead to the fluctuation of the heating temperature. The operation department set up staff for the specific duty of monitoring the heat supply data, tracking temperature trend, and worked closely keeping touch with end users to adjust the steam extraction amount and the temperaure curve. Every family enjoys the warm and cosy heat supply service provided by Hanas with love.

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