Improving Emergency Response Level Strengthening Emergency Disposal Ability

Improving Emergency Response Level Strengthening Emergency Disposal Ability

In order to deal with all kinds of unexpected incidents in the process of production and operation, and to organize emergency rescue work quickly and appropriately, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of power plants. On May 21st, the HSE department organized all employees and subcontractors to carry out the procedure.

comprehensive publicity and consistent training on Emergency Response Procedure and Management System of Personnel and Vehicles Entry and Exit in Plant Area, so as to further strengthen the standardized management of production safety. In view of the characteristics of large production area, scattered work scope and wide distribution of equipment, the HSE department has a detailed interpretation of the principles of emergency work, three-level emergency response procedures and various emergencies. In addition, the application and approval process of access control authority is further systematically standardized for the contractors and temporary visitors. The trainees are required to conduct regular investigation of accident-prone sites, periodically inspect key emergency equipment and materials, organize emergency response drills regularly, and strictly implement the factory entrance guard system.

Through continuous learning and standardization, we can maintain the initiative and conscious normalization of the safety consciousness of the whole staff, and effectively ensure that every staff in the factory can actively, actively and correctly play an emergency role in order to maximize the maintenance of life safety, property safety and enterprise safety in emergencies.

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