Ningxia Hanas Power Generation Group Performs Safety Inspection

Ningxia Hanas Power Generation Group Performs Safety Inspection

To ensure the safe and stable operation of the units during the joyful Spring Festival holiday, Ningxia Hanas Power Generation Group launched Holiday Plant Safety Inspection activity.

General manager Ms. Liang Wei is leading the inspection team, which consists of department leaders and safety officers. The inspection focused on the production area regulation implementation, rules violation, fire fighting, warm keeping, outsource team management and housekeeping, etc.

The inspection team patrolled around the key area in Ningxia East Thermal Power Plant and Ningxia West Thermal Power Plant, examining the safety facilities , fire fighting facilities, warm keeping facilities, safety condition, personal protective equipment, work record to ensure the eradication of all the hidden danger.

As for the problems and hidden danger exposed in the inspection, general manager Ms. Liang required all the responsible departments to act as per the correction principle, which include to fix correction responsible person, to fix the measures, to fix the completion date, to fix the executor, to fix the acceptor, and ensure the implementation of the safety production responsibility. At the same time, work on the precaution and plan to address the contingency properly so that the production and life could be safe and stable.

Ningxia East Thermal Power Co., Ltd. continued to carry out the staff skills practice competition at the end...