No brothers, no basketball

No brothers, no basketball

Hello, August Light up Passion

Team Encounter on the Court

Hot-blooded Rebound Who Competes

3V3 Basketball League invites you to fight

Accompanied by the successful completion of summer maintenance, in order to enrich the amateur sports life of employees, strengthen physical fitness and enhance staff cohesion. On the afternoon of August 8, the East Thermal Power opened the prelude of “challenging gravity and exploding the charm of Basketball – 3V3 basketball league”.

No brothers, no basketball. More than 30 basketball enthusiasts from various departments of the company responded positively and 8 teams were ready to start. With the whistle of the referee, the match officially opened. Players give full play to their respective advantages, from time to time play a wonderful match, each shot and goal fully show the players struggle upward personal style and the overall team tacit understanding!

This League breaks through the traditional self-organizing mode, realizes the real random combination, fair competition, unity and cooperation, friendly confrontation. We look forward to more exciting matches in the future, and we look forward to the friendship and confidence of every player in the game.

Brother, is a partner fighting side by side, is a trustworthy friend, is the strongest dependence on your journey.

Basketball is our lifelong companion, a platform for self-promotion, and an ideal for which our heart will always strive.

On 5th to 6th May, Ningxia New Energy Group organized “professional accomplishment six degrees of practice” internal training...