Safe production 2000 days, this power achieved

Safe production 2000 days, this power achieved

Day 2000

When the calendar turns to February 18, 2020;

Ningxia East thermal power to achieve safe production 2000 days!

2000 days and 48000 hours,

It’s just a short moment in the long history.

But for every employee in the East thermal power plant,

Day and night is meticulous, persistent watch;

It’s the alternate of cold and summer, and it’s time to rest;

It is to keep improving in the maintenance site;

It’s the equipment rush to repair that is on standby and ready to move

Bearing the perseverance and the track of unity and struggle!

To achieve safe production for 2000 days, how?

01 Strengthen the safety management system and build up the safety production firewall

The eastern thermal power company has continuously promoted the construction of the basic guarantee system for safety production, continuously revised the safety management system, formed the self-improvement of safety production, refined the responsibilities in place, and ensured the implementation of post to person. Comprehensively implement relevant national laws and regulations on work safety, and constantly improve the standardized management mechanism of work safety.

02 Cultivate intrinsic safety staff and build core force of safety production

Since it was put into operation, it has been focusing on the cultivation of “intrinsically safe employees” to create the “core” role of safety production. Formulate a comprehensive safety education and training plan, organize effective emergency drill training, and constantly standardize and improve the safety behaviors and awareness of employees. Efforts should be made to cultivate a team of technical talents with strong sense of responsibility, strong technical ability, and strong ability to perform their duties, as well as a pragmatic and responsible management team.

03 Strengthen risk control and guard safety in production

We have always been based on active prevention, advance prevention, improve the defense ability of safety production, comprehensively improve the ability of hidden danger investigation and treatment, and realize the normalization of safety supervision and inspection. Secondly, we learned from all kinds of accidents in the same industry, strengthened the safety management of key systems and production sites, improved the emergency rescue ability, and provided strong guarantee for safety production.

04 Strengthen equipment management and improve safety production

We always focus on improving the operation quality of the equipment. According to the concept of “zero defect” in quality, zero fault in equipment and zero error in work, it is the unremitting pursuit of all the eastern thermal power people for many years to strengthen the safety foundation with equipment quality, ensure safety and stability with equipment quality, insist on technical research and enhance the pre-control ability and handling ability of equipment defects.

05 Innovate safety culture concept and create a new atmosphere of safety production

The safety nurtured by culture is the conscious safety and the safety rooted in the bone. In recent years, the eastern thermal power plant has strengthened the establishment of safety culture with rich content and practical effect. Go deep into the scene to talk about safety, team cooperation safety, safety training strong safety, publicity media solid safety, drill competition than safety Firmly establish the cultural concept of “people-oriented, safe development”.

Safety production has only a starting point and no end point. 20 hundred- days safety records not only symbolize the full potential of enterprise development, but also show the value of safety. In the future, we will start from scratch, take the safety concept as the soul of safety management, and realize the deep integration of personal consciousness and concept. We will not forget our original intention, based on our posts, and guard the safe and stable development of the eastern thermal power with perseverance and loyalty. The quality is no less than one percent, and the future will be visible!

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