Safety inspection before New Year

Safety inspection before New Year

New Year is approaching, in response to the Group’s safety arrangements to ensure safe operation. On December 29th , general manager of Ningxia East Thermal Power Co., Ltd. Mrs. Liang Wei organized safety inspection together with the heads of departments to eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards, and effectively prevent accidents.

The inspection team carried out comprehensive safety inspections on the office space, main workshop, centralized control room, chemical water workshop, distribution room, GIS room and other production areas of the East and West thermal power plants. The hazards, cold and frost prevention, fire and explosion prevention, safety facilities, firefighting facilities, electrical instruments, on-duty records, Hygiene health and were inspected.

After the inspection, General Manager Liang Wei asked all departments to rectify the hidden safety hazards in time, especially the West Thermal Power Plant in the daily maintenance and safety hygiene supervision, implement the main responsibility of the company for safety production, make a solid duty arrangement, ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit during the festival, so that the staff will enjoy a happy and peaceful New Year.

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