Ningxia East Thermal Power Plant Safety Production Reaches 1000 Days

Ningxia East Thermal Power Plant Safety Production Reaches 1000 Days

Up to May 24th, 2017, Ningxia East Thermal Power Plant safety production has reached 1000 days. The safety production work has been dramatically promoted after the milestone realized.

Hanas Ningxia East Thermal Power Plant has been sticking to the policy of Safety First, Prevention First, Comprehensive Treatment and the safety concept of People First, implementing safety production measures. Through establishing and perfecting the safety management organization and the related system, signing the safety production goal responsibility protocol and more means, the safety management has been well polished. Through staff safety education, special safety training, emergency drill and safety month activity, the staff safety consciousness has been well intensified. Through safety check and evaluation, the safety hidden danger and loopholes have been detected and eliminated. The safety production has been thus secured.

The realization of safety production 1000 days has greatly promoted the morale of the plant staff to continue with the safety production work and prolong the safety production cycle. All the staff will work even harder on the implementation of safety and execution of the precaution measures, exploring new approach to safety production. Next safety production 1000 days milestone is already in sight.

In order to enhance the HSE awareness and responsibility for all staff and to promote the HSE concept...