The Passion for Study Prevails in Operation Dept.

The Passion for Study Prevails in Operation Dept.

The periodical maintenance(minor inspection) of Hanas Ningxia East Thermal Power Plant is about to be completed. The operation department has been acting to assist the maintenance job ever since the start of the minor inspection and maintenance. At the same time the operation manager together with the shift charge engineers organized power generation technical training. The training is expected to enhance the operation hand-on skills and operation management skills. All the operators have participated in the training. The training is conducted periodically as a systematic activity.

The training focuses not only on the over all theoretical knowledge, but also on the site realistic situation. Special session on specific topics are perfromed to address the technical difficulties and weaknesses. For example, Shift C training revolved around the transformer, giving knowledge about transformer routing inspection, operation, protection, set up and emergency handle. Shift B training included gas turbine parts cooling technology with concrete case for analysis and explanation.

Through training, operation department will enhance the standard operation and delicacy management level.

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