Safety Is the Responsibility for You and Me

Safety Is the Responsibility for You and Me

At the beginning of the year, the East Thermal Power Organization formulated the 2019 safety education and training plan. Since the implementation of the plan, it has been actively responded by all departments, and has been carried out through teaching and training, skill competition, safety drill, written evaluation and other forms. On November 27, the written evaluation of all production personnel was held as scheduled, which effectively evaluated and inspected the safety education and training throughout the year.


Everyone is safe

Every sentence is safe

Everything is safe

Always want to be safe

Be safe everywhere

2.Compare skills and ensure safety

Safety is a big thing

Take everything seriously

Accurate operation

Strict compliance with regulations

No mistake

3.Practice skills and promote safety

Don’t forget the danger

Drills often

High emergency level

Strong handling capacity

Prevention in advance

 4.Pay attention to evaluation and safety inspection

One paper, one pen

Standard system in mind

One question one answer I’m the best

On the job operation has basis

Work safety guaranteed

The plant said:

It is grateful for your company day and night;

The equipment says:

It understands your cold and hot figure, neither humble nor exalted;


Calm down and deal with all kinds of exceptions,

Take care of the physical condition of the equipment accurately;


One minute on duty, sixty seconds on duty,

Stick to the rear battlefield of unit safe operation;


It is the silent adherent behind the eastern thermoelectricity,

Hold fast to the beauty, heart born respect!

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