Operation Department Performed Acid Leakage Drill

Operation Department Performed Acid Leakage Drill

Hanas Power Generation Group operation department organized an emergency drill on hydrochloric acid leakage on June 25th, on the purpose of enhancing the staff harzardous chemical emergency rescue capability and prompt reaction to the emergency.

After the drill was started, the routing inspection staff who had found the hydrochrolic leakage reported to the person in charge on duty instantaneously about the leakage situation. The operator on duty checked the leak and addressed it properly with personal protective equipment on. The safety staff isolated the people nearby. Then the operator sprayed water to the leakage and opened the windows for ventilation. At last the leaked acid was neutralized with alkali and drained out.

All the paticipating staff worked exactly as per the safety rules and procedures, well organized, promptly reacted and properly addressed the emergency with correct measures, which worked like a demostrated guidance for the daily emergency addressing. The drill successfully enhanced teh staff safety awareness and strengthened the staff safety skills. The expected purpose of the drill  has been well reached.

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